Why should you Pre-Inspect your Home?

Listing Inspection Features & Benefits

Sell Faster

A listing Inspection discloses any potential problems in advance, giving the seller the opportunity to correct them or present them as is. Allowing the accepted offer to smoothly and quickly close without delays or Re-negotiations. The buyer may even waive their inspection clause.

Sell for a Higher Price

Listing inspections can promote openness and complete transparency throughout the transaction. A positive experience that could bring higher offers or a higher list price to reflect the condition of the home.

Save Money

You have time to shop for a competitive quote on the potential repairs, or make them yourself if you’re qualified.

Marketing Tool

The agent can use the report as a marketing tool to help sell the home faster. It differentiates your home and gives prospective buyers more confidence.

How It Works



We perform a high quality professional inspection on your property.

If Required

Let us help you find quality professionals to correct possible issues, or perform them yourself if qualified, or present them as is.


We upload the Inspection Report to WWW.STIXPROPERTYINSPECTIONS.COM For prospective buyers to download.


The agent includes the Report download link in all their marketing materials. We place a Inspection report sign with the agents sign, to attract more buyers Interest. When a buyer downloads the report the agent will be notified, and can contact them directly to aid the sales process.

Expected Results

Provides Full Disclosure

A listing inspection builds trust and confidence In the transaction for the buyer.

Reduces Stress

With a listing inspection you will not have to worry about what the buyer may find. Both you and the buyer will already be aware of any potential issues. This reinforces trust and credibility in the transaction.

Faster Sale

Pre-inspected homes:

  • Sell 30% faster on average
  • Brings more buyers to the table
  • Brings a higher selling price on average

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